Meg York Trio at the venerable venue,

Mercury Cafe Jungle Room



& at the One World Prairie World Music Festival

in Wyoming

Pete Jacobs and David Hinojosa


Farabi Persian Ensemble Scharzdad Korsandi Workshop

I met Ahmad Soufiani, Tar player on left,

back in October of 2016.

 He and Mojgan Taherynia have played

Persian material together for a long time.

 I joined them and we put together

a longer list of tunes with arrangements

for a concert.

 Frankie Peyman, an old friend of

Ahmad's joined on tombek.  

It is poignantly inspiring to hear these

ancient tunes played for dancers 


Music dance accompaniment

has been banned

in Iran since the 1980's.

Farabi Ensemble now has two hours of material and 

features beautiful music and dance improvisation .

 This is my favorite project

I have had the privilege to put together.



Blue Muse Trio with Misti Bernard

and Zay Alejandro Rios

I played with Zay a few times about fifteen years ago,

and met Misti this last year --

grateful to make a new friend through old friend

Sam Tynker Whippo!

Hopefully more to come with Misti --

we really had a great musical bond.  

Nice to have another bad ass chick music buddy, too.  

Blue Muse Trio is Misti's project

with at least three

configurations on different coasts and Kansas City.

 Misti is a seasoned Rennie.  

I really admire her grit and talent!



David Alderdice Ensemble,  Paonia, Colorado

Collaboration Workshops and recording projects at

NPR station KVNF and Blue Sage Arts.

David reached out to me

through the incredible vocalist

Beth Quist to come stay in Paonia

and teach and play Turkish music

with his percussion teacher,

Jon Seligman from Baltimore.

 Pete Jacobs and I really had a good time.

 There's some Clarinoodle Productions

audio footage on youtube

from the radio slot if you want to hear us.


505 Khans ( Phrank Bramlitt and Erik Teixeira)

 Tome', New Mexico, House Concert 


Khans and Vashti GoFundMe Project for 'Bernallilo Sketches'

recording for film sound track NM tour

I know the Khans from SCA and

Belly Dance ghetto Hafla parties

in Taos and Santa Fe.

We put together a quartet with Ronaldo Baca

and recorded nine tracks that got

picked up by 411 Music film and TV library.  

Good times with the boys!


Mehmet Kalayci clarinet exchange,

an absolutely incredible and humble clarinet performer

and better still,

dedicated teacher from Izmir, Turkey.  

He took time to stop by my friend's Istanbul flat and

I am still working from his source recordings.  

January 2016


Meg York Trio "Du Monde":

with Ronaldo Baca and Sam Whippo

These men are like family to me.

 I met both of them in the New Mexico

Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA)

Ronaldo back in 1990 and toured

California with him in 1994.   

Sam I have known for decades

through New Mexico friends.

I ran into him in Istanbul,

at a concert at the "Turkish Kitchen",

a vegan bistro.  

What a treat to play with both of them at

Yanni's Limoni Bar,

one of the

best live music venues in Albuquerque.


Recording at Gilly Gonzales' studio for Catrene Malshey.  

I sponsored Catrene to attend the Durango Songwriters Expo and

we finished up a demo of some of her original peace songs.  

Raised in Palestine, she can sing in four languages.

She is incredible at creating melodies.  



Ilahi Singing and Sazlar

community workshop, Bursa, Turkey.

Through sheer dumb luck,

I hunted out this amazing

chai house within the warren

of ancient cobblestone streets

near the Green Mosque.  

This was one of the more liberal

Chai houses where I could

actually pull out my horn

as a woman,

and as an American.  

My Roma girlfriend, Hulya, three to the left from me,

safeguarded me and took me back to

my cheap hotel each night.

 The first night there were just the usual

twelve or so folk musicians --

by the end of my three nights there there were about forty.

Word spread about the crazy Colorado broad

that played Turkish style clarinet.

We all wept when I left

I was begged to move to Turkey,

but perhaps that

will wait for more

stable politics on both sides of the blue and

an acceptance of my Fulbright application.



Turkish Musicians Tour: Ege University, Bursa Turkey


Clarinet maker and friend Ibrahim Samur, Bursa Turkey

I got his introduction information from Professor Tolga Asic from

Ege University in Bornova, near Izmir

and through a long translation process with concierge ,

I took a mini bus to the end of the line,

then got a speedy ride in Ibrahim's sedan,

stopping to pick up his friend

English teacher for translator,

then a long afternoon

meeting different friends and clarinet players,

exchanging riffs on

his G clarinets..

one of the highlights of my life.


Kismet Trio with David Hinojosa and George Sepmeier

This trio had great potential,

but we have gone our separate ways.  

Two too many cooks in the kitchen.


Sadie Marquardt Retreat Taksim Class Colorado.  

This was the first time I met the insane and insanely talented

Taosena Julia Fernandez de Maes. above. 

 I enjoyed playing for the workshop very much,

and the venue was exquisite.

Here's a screen shot from the video with Rabia, below,

 from Alaska -- amazing "tarab" moment.