Our Beloved Hal Aqua puts together two gigs a year for Zuruna and the Lost Tribe at Dazzle.


Dress Rehearsal for Farabi Ensemble and Persian Cultural Circle dancers


Zuruna:  L to R 

Theo Ansbacher-Hunt, Catrene Malshey, Meg York,

Annie Aqua, James Messerich, Pete Jacobs

Sholeh Malekzadeh Mani Persian Vocalist for Mingo,

Soundtrack for Wadi Rum Film

Rafi'ah Ruyah latest workshop -- 2017

Mendocino Cabaret Ajam Jam Band 2017 --

 George Sepmeir, vln (not pictured)

Ron Perovich, Ney,

Raman Osman,  Baglama,

Allan Williams, Oud,

Mike on didgeridoo, 

Jamie Papish and Benjamin Alderson Percussion

Dance soloist:  Eric Koenig

Recording with El Yesfi Samir for


Wadi Rum Film Score

American rock climbing documentary set in Jordan



Celebrating 10 Years with music and dance with Rafi'ah!!


Sold out!  2017

World Music Outreach in Lakewood Colorado 


 Grant for Farabi  Arts and Science Institute Annual Concert Series 2017


Zvek Ensemble from Abique, New Mexico --

Refugee Benefit in Boulder for 

International Rescue Committee



Colorado University Boulder Immigrant Inclusivity Council



I produce  bi-annual fund raising concerts for

Musical Missions of Peace!

 Sold out, very appreciative crowd. What a treat!

Jewish, Arabic and Persian musicians playing together.  




Farabi Ensemble with Mehrdad Arabi Af and Hamid Saeidi

at the Althea Center 

An exquisite evening of Perisan

classical and folkloric music and dance.


Highly satisfying Clarinoodle Productions produced

2017 tour to New Mexico and Colorado --  

this picture was from Santa Fe leg of the Spring Tour

Eric Koenig, Dance, Eric Cureno, Oud,

Theo A.H. and Max Krien, Percussion.

 Lovely!  2017

Zuruna a local Denver favorite 

A fun duet based out of Bella Diva Dance Studio, Glendale, CO



 Children's Noruz Program

Persian Cultural Circle


World Music Community Ensemble Lakewood

I started this Ensemble over ten years ago.  

Venues have included Muse Studio in Golden

and Lakewood Cultural Center.   

It's important to have a student ensemble

so I can share

my love of tunes from around the globe and

have a platform for Masterclasses.

I have my professional music friends come

in once a quarter or so.

 This is Kaivon Tolooee, Persian Daf player

from Tito Malaga's band

after a frame drum workshop.  


Before with ~30,000 folks

And after the

Protect Our Muslim Neighbors Rally,

L to R

El Yesfi Samir, Ibrahim, Kaivon, Me, Theo,

Queen Phoenix and Catrene

We had just played for an enormous peaceful crowd --

what an amazing event.

Denver Civic Plaza