November 2015

 Barblefish Balkan Band Avalon Ballroom

Boulder Balkan Bash

November 2015

Busking with Ben Cohen's Klez Dispensers Denver

Ben is a savant musician --

plays keys, strings and some winds at an astonishing prowess.

He has been designing contraptions since the 1990's

and this is a prototype cajon seat

with foot percussion and accordion.  


Sacred Soundscapes Ensemble Lakewood

This big band fell apart due to egos,

but we did make some great photos of our instruments.  

The last remnant of this did a Clarinoodle Productions

recording at FTM Studios with

Just Intonated Xylophone and Clarinet.  

Those recordings ended up getting picked up for

411 Audio Film library.  


 Don Ambler Clarinet Choir, Boetcher Hall,


Clarinoodle Conferences -- I've hosted over

eight of them over the last

decade.  I rehearse youth and adult clarinetists using traditional 

arrangements for clarinet choir, then also add world music numbers,

improvisation in modes, and bring in guest clinicians.  

I've had Dexter Payne, Rich Chairluce, Don Ambler, and others for guests.

I've used Metro State, above, and Denver School of the Arts, plus

The Denver Folklore Society and Evergreen Conference Center for venues.

I love teaching ensembles and this was a refreshing project for me.



Tito Malaga Big Band Denver

Tito is a force of nature -- he pulls together

the best front range men

that play music in the

Latin/Middle Eastern/Spanish vein.

 I'm always glad to play with him


El Yesfi Samir with Sam Hyson and Lucia Thomas

Clarinoodle Productions again:

recording project of Samir's

compositions with

ethno-musicologists and

hellava great fiddlers from Chicago.  

Denver 2014

Elevation Belly Dance, Golden CO.

I'm excited to play for Tribal Belly Dancers --

they often have a

phobia about live music and I'm glad to

disabuse them of their opinion.


Trio Equilibrio with Steve Mullins and Brett Bowen Denver

Two of the most talented and humble musicians.

 Dr. Mullins teaches at CU Boulder, and Brett plays in Sherefe Trio.

Another Clarinoodle Productions album at FTM studio

-- I learned a lot.  

Two of those tracks got picked up by 411 Music library.

Arvada  2014

Trio Equilibrio with Natalia Perez del Vilar Mercury Cafe,

I love Natalia - she is earthy and real.  

Denver 2014

Bosnian Flood Relief Fundraiser

with Planina and Petar Teodosijev

I have accompanied Plania Voices of Eastern Europe

and been in bands

with director Julie Lancaster for years.

This was hands down my favorite gig with them --

a gala fundraiser for a great cause.  


Azra Sings band:

 with Ben Cohen and Petar Teodosijev


Azra Sings

Azra is a crazy great Bosnian singer that can sing Sevda

to make a grown man weep.

 A treat to learn this material from one of the best --

Petar Teodosijev accompanied

the late Esma Redzepova, 

Macedonian Roma songstress and activist, 

for twenty years before immigrating to Denver.

Drom, New York, New York


Rosetta Stone with Mark Brissenden and Tina Gugeler.

The best and most humble

Contra and Old Time musicians

around the Front Range.

 Tina is an amazing award winning

American dulcimer player.

A dear friend of mine, Paul Mimlitch,

made a great high def video demo for us

you can see on my youtube site.  .

 Thanks Paul!

Denver 2012

Circus Luminous, Santa Fe NM

I had always dreamed of playing for circus arts

and got my chance

at the Linsic Theater -- I learned a lot!

Incredible experience being part of the 

super intimate scene that is circus.


Veelah Balkan Band, Boulder Colorado

One of my all time favorite bands in terms

of hotness and ability to be really really tight.  

We played Swallow Hill, Taste of Colorado,

Colorado University, BIFD events,

and many other venues.

 I was eight months pregnant when

we recorded our Village Squared CD. 

Sadly, our original tuba player, Jon Erikson,

died of cancer suddenly.  

This picture has our second tubist,

beloved Brian Mullins.

 Dexter Payne is on Baritone Saxophone,

Jesse Manno percussion,

and Dave Willey on accordion.  

Dave hates this picture of himself.

Clarinoodle Productions paid all musicians every gig and also

paid for the recording and mastering of the album.

 We were slated for a US tour through

after our Velah Village Squared album release:

Traditional Crossroads label sponsorship,

but I had complications with my second kid's birth.  

I feel this band is the one that got away.   



Jurjuna with Meagan Chandler,

Kylie Faint and Donovan Warnick at

Boulder Early Music Colorado

We did a great show of Sephardic Early Music --

costumes were a highlight and got us a lot of attention.

Band folded when Kylie married and moved to North Carolina.  

Old SCA pals, all.  


Congregation Beth Evergreen Klez Big Band Leader

So somehow I was the one who knew and could lead

all the old Klez tunes for

this amazing band --

Cheri Rubin and David Froman, keys and trumpet--

went on to create Blind Tiger Jazz after this.  

I remember the hora line leaving the sanctuary

and dancing around the building

before coming back in the front door & we'd still be cooking...


Sherefe Big Band Boulder Colorado

Boulder people are really creative and this was a

band of the cream of the crop.

Clarinoodle Productions organized the concert

that got edited into our

Opium album.