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with David Taylor, Shahrzad Khorsandi, Meg York, Sarah Shirazi, and George Figgs

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March 29th Archive KGNU Radio interview

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Farabi Ensemble

Lilting and highly ornamented modal melodies, mesmerizing rhythms and gracefully articulated dance flow from ancient Persian traditions.


Our repertoire reflects several regions of Persia with six eight and three four rhythms,

Eastern modes (dastgah), and asymmetrical phrases. 

Persian classical music and dance has breath-taking

improvisational interaction and intricate arrangements.

The dance includes facial expressions and hand gestures that denote symbols from ancient  poetry

 from playful to poignant emotions.  

These elements add up to an embroidered tapestry performance experience. 


Farabi Ensemble has flexible personnel depending on each project.


Ahmad Soufiani, tar, setar and vocals, Music Director

Meg York, woodwinds, Organizer

Mojgan Taherniya, vocals, Frankie Peyman, tonbek, 

Sina Goharjou and Zara  Sadeghi, Daf

Delsie Khadem-Ghaeini  Dance

  Shahrzad Khorsandi, Dance Ethnographer, Guest Artist

Richmond, California 


L-R Meg York, Ahmad Soufiani, Guest:  Hamid Saeidi,

El Yesfi Samir (sound),

Guest:  Mehrdad Arabi Af, Guest:  Kaivon Tooloee,

Mojgan Taherniya,

Althea Spiritual Center, Denver, CO