Recently returned from Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and Bornova, Turkey to exchange teaching and learning Turkish style clarinet, Meg has played woodwinds and percussion for three decades. She toured the U.S. playing flute, zourna and percussion with Pablo Rodarte's Dance Espana's "Natividad Flamenca", and Mexico twice playing E flat soprano clarinet with The University of New Mexico Orchestra. She also played in the Albuquerque Philharmonic, Albuquerque Civic Light Opera, and Albuquerque Little Theatre.  She directed the Kokopelli Konsort, a woodwind ensemble in New Mexico until 1997.  She has a strong background as a classically trained musician equally comfortable in the pit orchestra or on stage in all western classical styles. 

Meg York received a B.A. in clarinet performance from The University of New Mexico with Professor Keith Lemmons.

She studied flute with Professor Frank Bowen, one of the last protégés of Marcel Moyse.

She also honed Flamenco and Early Music Performance skills with John Truitt  and Eva Ensenias Sandoval.   

Meg's World Music mentors and colleagues include clarinetists Christos GovetasGeorge Chittenden, Stuart Mennin, Lefteris Bournias, Souren Baronian, Margot Leveret, truba player, Michael Ginsberg,oudists Cameron Powers and Haig Manookian, violinists Beth Bahia CohenGeorge LammamBeth Cohen, santourist Lise Leipman, kanuunist, Kalie Halilal, and ney, Omar Faruk Tebelik.

She's also studied jazz with trumpeter Ron Miles, and clarinetists Eddie Daniels and Rich Chiaraluce. 

She taught in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the 1990s at Baum's Music Company and for APS.  Summers she staffed  Hummingbird Music Camp in Jemez Springs, NM, for eight years.  In Colorado, she was Music Director at Evergreen Academy  and mentored at Conifer High, Bear Creek High, Lakewood High, Jefferson County Open School, and Kearney Middle School. She directs the Clarinoodle Conference Master Classes at the Denver School of the Arts, Denver Folklore Center, and Metro State College. She teaches privately at Evergreen School of MusicRockley's Music, and out of her Lakewood home.

Meg leads the hot Eastern European Brass Band, Veelah, featuring sizzling instrumental solos, tight horn lines and complex rhythms that groove hard. The line up: Jesse Manno, percussion, Dexter Payne, baritone sax, alto sax, and clarinet, Dave Willey, accordion, James Hoskins, tromboner and Brian Mullins, tuba.

Congregation Beth Evergreen's Klezmorize, a large vintage style klezmorim with multiple horns: David Froman, trumpet, Hal Stein, trombone,  Cheri Rubin, keyboards, Jonathan Kaley-Isley, drums, and bass.  

Recent teaching or performance

venues include:


College of Santa Fe

University of Colorado, Ft Collins

Maple Street Dance Space, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pomegranate Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Boetcher Hall, Denver Performing Arts Center

Mendocino Eastern European Folklife Center

Middle Easter Music and Dance Camp

Colorado School of Mines

Denver Metro State College

Denver School of the Arts

CSU Boulder

Stockton University

University of New Mexico

Ege University, Bursa, Turkey

Evergreen School of Music

Denver School of the Arts

Dazzle Jazz

Swallow Hill

Outpost Performance Space

Blue Sage Arts

Drom, New York City

NPR Paonia

Boulder International and Jewish Festivals

Colorado Early Music Fall Festival

Pablo Rodarte's Danse Espana tour

UNM Symphonic Orchestra Mexico tour

Albuquerque Civic Light Opera

Albuquerque Little Theatre

Don Ambler Clarinet Choir


The Klez Katz is a leaner group with Michael Mendelson, bass, and Sheldon Sands keyboards. Meg has played with Sheldon in various configurations at the Boulder Jewish Festival for five years. Klez Katz have taken a hiatus since Michael moved, but Meg is honored to play with Sheldon's Clueless Goy on occasion. 

 Meg also plays with Ben Cohen's Klez Dispensers.  This is a premier old-school instrumental group that has top players from the Colorado Front Range area.

Meg sits in with Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe, with cross over personnel Ben Cohen.  

She also has been honored to play with Azra, a wonderfully dramatic Bosnian vocalist, and Pero Teodosijev, a truly skilled Macedonian accordionist and composer.  Meg learned most of her Balkan band leading from Beth Cohen and Julie Lancaster.  Lovely ladies, both, with huge heart!  Julie's band Barblefish is a Front Range favorite. 

Meg and Mandi McKibbin-Ogle, soprano, Karissa Swanson, piano, and Emily Bowman, viola, performed for the International Penwomen's Association 2006 Conference at the Brown Palace in Denver. The group played a song cycle by contemporary composer Winifred Hyson, who received lifetime composition awards to a standing ovation from 200 plus distinguished penwomen.

Other groups Meg has played with include:

~Sherefe, a Middle Eastern Fusion, with Jesse Manno and Cameron Powers, oud, bouzouki and vocals, Zahara, percussion, and James Hoskins, cello and gadulka.

~Musical Missions of Peace with Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia

~Stockton International Dance Camp house band, in Stockton, California. with Bruce Sagan, violin and gadulka, Lyuben Dossev, kaval, Milen Slavov, accordion, Petur Iliev, percussion and Terry Friedman, guitar.

~Circus Luminos -- a Santa Fe based circus with live pit band, and youth and adult performers.

~Jurjuna, a Turkish Roma style fusion group, which has also played period Ottoman classical music at the Colorado Early Music Fall Festival in 2003. Jurjuna includes Kylie Halihal, kanun, and Chahib Halihal, violin, oud and percussion.

~New Rhythm Rangers with the incomparable Barb Kirchner, a Contra dance caller and keyboardist that ought to be on the Smithsonian Institute list of cultural treasures -- she knows so much about the way dances are called and the sets structured from her decades of touring with top bands.  Mark Brissenden, fiddle, and Brett Bowen, on doumbek drive the band forward to keep dancers on the floor the entire evening.  Barb puts everything up on YouTube --check it out!

Colorado Moon Festivals -- a lovely, home grown, weekender up in Gold Hill at the Colorado Mountain Ranch -- bluegrass, contra dance and camping, with kids and a kitchen co op.  Good times.

~Echoes of Water with Eric Roberts -- ambient jazz guitar and winds

~the Blue Magpie with Mark Brissenden and Rodney Sauer, tasty contra tunes. 

Trio Equilibrio -- unstoppable rhythms with Brett Bowen, and Steve Mullins, high octane percussion and flamenco guitar.  Currently in search of a name. . .


Here's a bit about where she's been over the years. . . see calendar for more current dates.

Planters Moon Festival -- Gold Hill at the Colorado Mountain Ranch --

 SFiD Longmont Arts Council House Concert, Longmont CO Veelah Concert April 10th, 2011

Spring 2011 -- Ballyhoo With Heather Ballew Dance Troupe -- performance at 2011 Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout! Saturday, February 27th. A high level swing dance routine to fast music of Artie Shaw performed at the Turnverine Ballroom, Denver CO.  Encore performance at the Mercury Cafe, Student Showcase March 31st.

October Witches' Theatre Mercury Cafe' Production of Apparition Palistine -- All Fridays in October 2010, plus a special show on Halloween -- social justice issue theatre with live music.

Cfootmad Denver Contra Dance with Balance and Swing September 2010 www.balanceandswing/

House Concert with Rosetta Stone April 2, 2010

Harvest Moon Festival -- Gold Hill at the Colorado Mountain Ranch -- September 25th 2009

House Concert with Dave Willey, October 25, 2009

Zadik Recording Project -- Immersion Studios, Boulder CO Spring 2009 --

Veelah concert at Jefferson Unitarian Church September 11, 2008

Evergreen Jazz Festival Dance Teacher, July 22-24, 2008 Evergreen, CO
Evergreen Jazz Festival

Mercury Cafe Ballroom, Veelah CD relaease party! February 4th, 2006
Mercury Cafe, Denver 

Studio Recital, November 13, 2005
Evergreen School of Music

Congregation Beth Evergreen Simchat Torah October 24th, 2005
Beth Evergreen Synagogue

House Concert, Dar Tarab, October 16th, 2005, Evergreen CO

Colorado Early Music Festival, Jurjuna, October 2, 2005, Boulder, CO
Early Music Colorado

Bar Mitzvah, Clueless Goy, June 25th, 2005 Boulder CO
Sheldon Sands
Dedise Park Wedding, Jacob and Robin, June 21, 2005, Evergreen, CO

Bat Mitzvah, Klezmorize and friends, Congregation Beth Evergreen, June 11, 2005
Beth Evergreen Synagogue

Clarinoodle Conference at Denver School of the Arts

Arthur Leo Lefebure Born February 8, 2005

Veelah Recording Project, Boulder Sound Company, December 20-23, 2004.
Boulder Sound Company

Klez Katz at Bucannan Rec Center, November 21, 2004 Evergreen
Bucannan Rec Center

Studio Recital, Evergreen School of Music, November 20, 2004
Evergreen School of Music

Mercury Cafe Jungle Room , Veelah October 20, 2004, Denver
Mercury Cafe, Denver

Congregation Beth Evergreen, Klezmoriize for Simchat Torah, October 8, 2004
Beth Evergreen Synagogue

Clarinoodle Conference, Denver School of the Arts, September 21-24, 2004
Rich Chairluce, Debbie Davidson, Don Ambler, and Mark Harris.

Mercury Cafe Jungle Room with Jurjuna, July 23, 2004, Denver
Mercury Cafe, Denver

Jurjuna at Global Groove Festival June 11-12 2004
Global Groove Festival

Mecury Cafe Jungle Room with Jurjuna, May 14th, 2004, Denver

Lorca Project with Ojaleo, April 30-May 2, 2004
Rhythm Muse Productions

Congregation Beth Evergreen, Klezmorize, April 21, 2004
Beth Evergreen Synagogue

House Concert with Souhail Kaspar, April 17, 2004, Denver
Saltanah Productions

D Note with Veelah, March 27, 2004, Denver
D Note, Arvada

Mercury Cafe Jungle Room with Jurjuna, March 26th,2004, Denver
Mercury Cafe, Denver

Boulder International Folk Dance Party
February 27th, 27th, 2004. Pearl Street Studio
Boulder International Folk Dancers

Klezmerquerque honored guest participant, February 20-22. 2004, Albuquerque, NM
Nahalat Shalom Synagogue

Don Ambler's Clarinet Choir December 11-14, 2003
Boetcher Hall Foyer, Denver Co

Veelah Fort Collins Lincoln Center with Rainbow Choir, November 15, 2003
Linclon Center, Fort Collins

Rhythm Slaves dance party at the Way of the Crane Dojo, Boulder
October 17, 2003
with Justin Bruen, Meagan Chandler, Kai Lin Yong, Jim Messerich, Mark Brissenden, and Meg York

Planina Sherefe joint concert Swallowhill October 11, 2003
Swallowhill, Denver andPlanina Songs of Eastern Eruope ensemble and Musical Missions

Veelah at Mercury Cafe (as Mojo Brass Band) September 20, 2003
Mercury Cafe, Denver

Veelah (as Mojo) at Taste of Colorado September 1, 2003
A Taste of Colorado Festival

Mendocino Middle East Music and Dance Camp August 17-23 2003
Middle East Music and Dance Camp

Private Greek gig in Vail July 2-3 2003

Clarinoodle Conference Summer 2003 Metro State College

Rhythm Slaves at Mercury Cafe Ballroom
with Justin Bruen, Mark Brissenden, Meagan Chandler, Kai Lin Yong, Jim Messerich, and Meg York
June 28, 2003

Klez Katz at Boulder Jewish Festival June 8, 2003
Boulder Jewish Festival

2002--2003 Music Director at Evergreen Academy

Clarinoodle Conference Summer 2002 Denver Folklore Center

Clarinoodle Conference Evergreen Conference Center summer 2001

2000 to present -- Teacher at Evergreen School of Music

Ella York Lefebure Born 12/19/1997

Accompany Flamenco dance classes at UNM 1992-1996, study with the Encinias family, Pablo Rodarte.

1995-1996 Music Director at Sombre Del Monte Elementary, Albuquerque, New Mexico

1993-1997 Private Music Teacher at Baum's Music Co, Albuquerque, New Mexico

1988-1998 Band, Orchestra and Choir teacher at Hummingbird Music Camp, Jemez Springs, New Mexico

1988-1994 Music Performance student at University of New Mexico, major in Clarinet Performance, with extensive theatre, flute performance, early music, jazz and Flamenco experiences.

1980-1989 lived off the grid in New Mexico 'earthship' style adobe home with parents.  Adobe, passive solar, water catch system with filtration for drinking, xeri-scape, composting facilities.