Tarjama Ensemble at Bella Diva Dance

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Previous events

Join us for Tarjama Trio: Meg York clarinet, Sam Tynker, percussion and Santiago Tynker, accordion. Sam and Santiago are professional Rennies with the Tynker Family Circus, and it is a very rare occurrence to catch them in a concert setting. We play Hot Balkan and exotic Arabic tunes with fascinating rhythms and mesmerizing melodies.

Contact erika@unm.edu for reservations and directions with "Meg and Tynkers" and number of attendees in subject line. $20 suggested donation.

Tarab Retreat Final Concert

(MDT, UTC-06) (MDT, UTC-06)

Columbine Spiritual Center, 8900 Arapahoe Road, Boulder CO 80303

Faisal Percussion Ensemble will perform a piece, JamKeyJam will showcase Bijay Shrestha's compositions, and Nabin Shrestha and Faisal Zedan have an astonishing percussion collaboration in store for us.
Tarab Retreat Concert: JamKeyJam with Tarjama Ensemble featuring Faisal Zedan, Meagan Chandler, vocals, Phrank Bramlitt, percussion, Samantha and Eric solo dance, OPEN DANCING, and more.

Sing along, move around, come celebrate summer with us!
Funded in Part by Alex Wilson Legacy Fund grant. https://www.alexwilsonfund.org/

Tarab Retreat Presents: Lumonics Light and Sound Gallery June 21 Tuesday 7:00 Summer Solstice 2022 Dance or Trance Faisal Zedan Syrian Percussionist JamKeyJam Bijay Shrestha, Sitar and Nabin Shrestha, Tabla:
Hindustani Classical Fusion Meg York Urban Balkan Clarinet

Note: Lumonics is a drug free, consciousness-raising art space. If you care to come baked, please enjoy before you arrive ;)

Music and Dance build bridges from the Past to the Future by Basking in the present. Come celebrate the Summer Solstice in the City with us...

Colorado Renaissance Festival

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)

Colorado Renaissance Festival, 650 Perry Park Ave, Larkspur, CO 80118

Faisal Zedan, Meg York, Phrank Bramlitt and Liz Aziz will sub for Boom Boom Shake as Shake-ee-arlo .. world class world music at an incredible site! Come give us some love in the high mountain summer sun!

Please see the Colorado Renaissance site for ticket pricing.

Global grooves with Pt. Hindole Mujamdar, Bijay Shrestra, Meg York, Gilly Gonzales, and Andy Skellenger. Donations accepted at the door. Sponsored by Tarab Retreat. www.tarabretreat.com for online donations. General admission all ages. Hindustani treats for artist reception. Please join us!