Veelah Village Squared

Veelah Village Squared

Hot Urban Balkan Funky Acoustic music with Jesse Manno, Dave Willy, Jon Erikson and Dexter Payne.

Trio Equilibrio

Flamenco Guitar Balkan Fusion

Steve Mullins and Brett Bowen with Meagan Chandler on La Rosa

Bernalillo Sketches

Bernalillo Sketches

Ronaldo Baca, Guitar and recording engineer, plus the Khans:  Phrank Bramlett Percussion and Eric Taxiera Oud. 

Wadi Rum Film soundtrack

Wadi Rum Film Soundtrack

Sholeh Mani Sufi Vocals and El Yesfi Samir, oud and sound engineer.  I played ney, clarinet, and all percussion.

Tarab Retreat

In this age of barriers, music and dance build 

community bridges between the

past and the future by basking in the present:

Tarab is that magic moment of

surrender to improvisation and immersion

in music/movement. 

We cannot demand Tarab occurs --

we can only hold space for ourselves,

and let it unfold..

be present.. 

Featuring 2018 Artists in Residence from Tarab Retreat -- Sholeh Mani and Hadgaba Balkan Band.