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Meg York

Meg York is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and ensemble director who specializes in woodwinds, hand percussion and dance accompaniment.   

She plays globally groovy clarinet that moves audiences into Balkan and Belly Dance bliss. Meg has a clarinet and Flamenco  performance degree from UNM and lives periodically in Turkey and India to soak up dance music traditions. Interaction is the key to her music and heartfelt response is the pulse.    

Her band, Tarjama, or “Translation” in Arabic and Farsi, has Jazz, Hispanic, Nepali, Palestinian, and Persian artists.

Tarjama Ensemble  plays for ethnic community events, academic outreach,  and Tarab Retreat.  

Meg York's sound can be found in

Denver Center for the Performing Arts Paula Vogel Play Indecent

Warner Brothers film

5 Rhythms Dance, New York, NY 

David Taylor Zikr Dance Atash with Sharzard Khorsandi 

Denver Athena Project

 Shambala Center Concert in the Great Stupa 

Yo Yo Ma R is for Refugee Tour


Meg is an ASCAP Recording Artist represented by

411 Music, Los Angeles, California. 

Tarab Retreat

Meg hosts Tarab Retreat events with Pete Jacobs.

 Dance classes, concerts, residencies, and yoga, all with live music by Tarjama Ensemble