About Meg York

I am a seasoned musicologist, performer, and band leader in global folk music styles for over 30 years. 

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Clarinet performance and Flamenco Accompaniment from the University of New Mexico and I study music extensively in Turkey and India. 

 I am known for my world music playing and productions including Tarab Retreat, performing in Denver Center Performing Arts’  Klezmer play by Paula Vogel, Indecent, co-founding the Farabi Iranian Ensemble, and heading up the Eastern European style party band, Klezmerize. 

I am an Athena Project Artist in Residence, and I join Hal Aqua at Dazzle Jazz and the Mizel Museum/Mercury Cafe Denver KlezFests. I love sitting in with Gora Gora Orkestar and Hadgaba Balkan Band! 

Community Outreach include Denver Sister Cities and Denver Spring Institute events, Musical Ambassadors of Peace Benefit Concerts,  playing for Colorado Senate sessions, Yo Yo Ma’s 2018 Colorado Tour, Roshni Denver and the Boulder Balkan Bash. 

Music and dance build bridges from the past to the future by basking in the present.

Dear Meg and Pete: Thank you, thank you---for showing the rest if us how it's done! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend's offerings at Tarab Retreat! The teachers were very engaging, often speaking to each participant to make sure we were following along. I never knew there was so much to playing the riqq, for example! I look forward to joining some more your sessions this fall, keep up the great work! Mary Ann from Alex Wilson Legacy Fund” - Mary Ann from Alex Wilson Legacy Fund

Teaching Online: Glass Half Full

Dear students, 

I have made the jump to online teaching, as requested by many clients over the last decade, and it's exceeded my expectations!

Here's what I didn't expect: I am connecting with dear colleagues from all over the globe!  How exciting! For people interested in world music, this is amazing! 

I teach you just like I would if I was with you in person: I still tailor my teaching to your needs, as I have for decades:

~  My lessons are very personable.  I move around, approaching the camera for closeups, creative inventive repetitions, and encourage new ways of thinking about iterations. 

~ I have a HD web cam and well lit home studio -- there is little latency, or sound lag.

~ Optional resources are easy to share online: PDFs sheets, syllabus, and written practice to-do list.   

~  You can record your entire Private lesson, or just the essential technical parts:  if it's Zoom, you get to choose!  

~For Group Classes, you may stream but not download any missed sessions between classes with arranged absences. This allows students to view what they missed, but we are all committed to being there in 'real time' for each other.  Also, you know that your adventures won't be shared publicly. 

~ I also donate part of my income on a regular basis to Musical Ambassadors of Peace and The Gathering Place, both wonderful non-profits. 

~ And, as always, no one will be turned away for lack of funds if they are a serious practicing student.  Just contact me privately.