Tarjama in San Diego

Eric and I traveled to San Diego in the Hyundai Tuscan, packed to the gills.  Our plan was to meet up with a cool rock belly dance fusion band rehearsal, rehearse with Lucia for her piece and stay in her father's extra house.  I planned a three day trip to get there, a night in Las Vegas, NM and a night in Flagstaff, AZ to avoid the heat of the journey, and it was great to check out those high mountain desert climate towns.  

We made it just in time to San Diego for the rehearsal, and the band was in full swing -- and LOUD!  We danced off some of our travel and got ready to add clarinet to a version of Miserlou -- in the original concert D flat key, too.  Then Lucia... left.  We didn't rehearse.  We stuck it out for another hour or so then met her at her Dad's place.  

There was fourth of July glitter all over the dining table which I took to mean, don't use the table.  So we took our meals outside on the porch.  We did try to make it work, but the house smelled of perfumes used to cover cigarette smoke and the trolley was 30 feet away.  Yikes. This led me to research van life!

I did enjoy playing for Lucia's students and also meeting the amazing Christina Sirmons.  But we just packed in too many activities, and we didn't get to rehearse with Lucia.  It was my mistake to schedule a visit and workshop when she was already producing a full dinner show with a huge rock band!  

Zamman is something else!  Check them out online.