Colorado Ren Festival 2022

I used a grant from Alex Legacy Fund to fly Faisal Zedan out from the Bay area and we had a blast.  Phrank Bramlitt joined us from New Mexico and we were under the tender care of dancer Liz Azi the first weekend and Samantha Lyn joined us the second weekend.  The third and fourth weekends I played with the actual contracted performers, Boom Boom Shake and that was a real educational experience.  I'm so grateful for Phank's sound advice, getting to hang with my fellow cast members and also jam with the Pirate Pub crew in the evening.  Misti Bernard is a long time friend and was able to hang a bit after a long day vending two shops, her own jewelry and sky chairs.   I also bought a coaching session from the wonderful juggler Jeff to coach me about the finer points of busking.  That was so worth it.  And hanging with the Angels in Disguise, the Reeling Rogues, and the Crimson Pirates was always a good time.