What is Tarab?

"Tarab to me is when you are expecting something beautiful and you get something even more beautiful.  

Improv is where it's at for me.  

It's about what the moment feels like instead of what it looks like.  

I'm lucky because I love weaving my melodies with and for movement, and I craft music to what I see  unfold in real time. It's the most humanly interactive experience I know. 

I started playing for dancers over 30 years ago, and I remember so many taksim moments as if they were yesterday.  

Zoom is interesting, but it works. I just hold the last notes long and low and folks catch up their movement just fine. There's still live music and movement interaction because it's not choreography.  

I've noticed that the latency is actually it's own element -- similar to murmuration in flocks of birds.  

Honestly, it's been pretty cathartic. We are in real time, if not in real space, together. " -- Meg York interview