Tarjama Ensemble

Lumonics Light and Sound Gallery, 800 E 73rd Ave Unit 11, Denver, CO 80229

Tarab Retreat Presents: Lumonics Light and Sound Gallery June 21 Tuesday 7:00 Summer Solstice 2022 Dance or Trance Faisal Zedan Syrian Percussionist JamKeyJam Bijay Shrestha, Sitar and Nabin Shrestha, Tabla:
Hindustani Classical Fusion Meg York Urban Balkan Clarinet

Note: Lumonics is a drug free, consciousness-raising art space. If you care to come baked, please enjoy before you arrive ;)

Music and Dance build bridges from the Past to the Future by Basking in the present. Come celebrate the Summer Solstice in the City with us...